WEDGE-WELLIES.jpgWe've all found ourselves wishing that wellingtons could be a little bit more flattering from time to time. The rise in colourful and patterned welly boots has really improved the selection on offer, and even Jummy Choo has had a go with his collection for Hunter! But for those not blessed with long legs, rubber boots can make you feel more than a little bit stumpy, no matter who designed them.

Until now, nobody had thought to do anything about the issue of unflattering wellies, so it makes absolute sense that a team of retail gurus on Dragons' Den should be impressed by the concept behind Wedge Wellies. As their name suggests, the boots are like any normal wellingtons, but with a bit of a wedge for uplift and style, and the dragons like them well enough to invest £65,000 in the brand.

Since then, the boots have been snapped up by New Look, where you can buy them online in a very on-trend mock-croc pattern here, Candy Girl Pink or smooth black, all at £37.