shopping-trolley-heels.jpg[Image: REX]

Over the course of London Fashion Week we saw some incredibly detailed and imaginative shoes on the runways, but nothing remotely comes up to the same standard of originality and ingenuity as this collection of crazy heels by Israeli artist Kobi Levy. Despite looking like pieces of art, each pair is designed to be worn: their creator says "It is important to me that they will be real shoes and not sculptures or toys".

My personal favourite is the 'shopping trolley' style pictured above, which incorporates a granny-tastic tartan fabric and faux miniature 'wheel' on the heel. Other highlights include an ornate 'reclining sofa' shoe with deep red padding, and some eye-wateringy tall 'wine glass' heels:


According to Mr Levi, inspiration for his designs 'comes out of nowhere. He said: "I just see an image and start to explore it - my 'Market trolley' design was inspired simply by the market place. He is tight-lipped about the price of each pair, but does admit that the time, effort and materials put in to each made them expensive

The rest of his collection can be seen on his website: