redfoot-folding-shoes.jpgI'm a bit of a convert to the folding shoe, having recently rediscovered sky high heels and the pleasure/pain principle they inevitably bring. I've tried a few styles with varying degrees of success, but the comfiest so far are from Redfoot, whose range of styles and colours is well worth a look. What's great about this collection is that it uses top quality materials including real leather, with a huge range of colours and styles. The original folding shoe is a real treat for the feet that you can wear indoors or out.

I'm currently wearing the 'Diana' driving shoe (above, right); a squashy loafer-style slipper made from supremely soft leather. I tend to wear it in the office, so I can flit about quickly and quietly before putting on my evening shoes and stashing my Redfoots away in my handbag to pull out once again for the evening commute. Diana is an on-trend 'back to school' sort of style, but if that all sounds a bit sensible to you, you can also glam it up with other styles like the limited edition 'Carrie' shoe; a SATC-influenced pump that's fun and fabulous.

Check out the full collection here!