shoe-galleries2.jpg[Image: REX]

Quite possibly the biggest collection of shoes anywhere outside of Imelda Marcos' closet, The Shoe Galleries at Selfridges open their doors this Wednesday 23rd September for your viewing pleasure. A 35 square-foot shrine to shoes featuring '55,000 pairs of shoes and 4,000 on display at any one time'; it looks to us like the ultimate in retail therapy. Shoe-loving celebs turned up in droves when the galleries were open to a lucky few on Friday, getting a first glimpse at some of the exciting display pieces like this giant shoe, pictured above.

If you've passed by Selfriges' Oxford Street frontage recently, you'll already have got a glimpse into what's in store, as the windows are filled with decorative shoe boxes; each filled with a different footwear delight, with exquisite pieces from Roger Vivier, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin to high street faves like Topshop Uggs and Havaianas. And that's part of the beauty of this very 'equal opportunities' shoe celebration: the big designer names sit prettily alongside their more wallet-friendly cousins. You can see a list of all the brands available to buy and admire here.

Want to find out more as it happens? You can follow Selfridges' Shoeperhero here on Twitter. To hear more about the opening, you can see him in action in this amusingly topical video: