Over at The Bag Lady our accessory-obsessed colleagues have been waxing lyrical about Chanel's new collection, which does what the labels does best: imaginative, contemporary re-workings of the brand's classic styles. The footwear is equally worthy of note, and complements this very decorative range just perfectly.

As we saw in so many designer collections, Chanel has given a very 70s vibe to its shoes, which are mostly heavy-soled platforms. The sandals don't particularly stand out, but we do approve of the boots, which include some amazing cut-out detail patterning.

The very clog-influenced sandals were made up in various colours to match Karl Lagerfeld's exuberant palate for the collection, which included a wide range of bright, abstract patterned garments. Velvet ribbons tied around ankles on wooden soles, while gold cuff-styles echoed the perforated boots.

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