rakish-heels.jpgIf you're a fan of beautifully-made, glamorously different shoes that will get eyes a-staring on every wear, then you're probably already aware of Rakish Heels, a very eccentric British brand that values quirkiness, flirtatious humour and long-lastingness; all particularly fine qualities to have in a shoe! And if you haven't, there's a great opportunity to get to know them coming up this weekend.

The Laura J Boutique in London is playing host to Rakish Heels for one month only, and will be welcoming its newest label in its usual glamorous style this Saturday 16th October. Why not pop into the shop if you're in the market for some new shoes and are looking to be inspired?

The London Boutique can be found at:
114 Islington High Street
London N1 8EG