dorothy_perkins_sale.jpgBelieve it or not, online shopping is still not the norm for everybody, which means those of us who like to go virtual can still get special discounts every now and again that those old-fashioned high street types will never see! And today there's a particularly good one going on at Dorothy Perkins.

As savvy shoppers already know, there's already 50% off many items at DP, slashing your clothes shopping bill neatly in half over the next few days. However, a new offer has now popped up that gets you a further 20% off these items when you shop online. How tempting is that? As an example of what you might bag, these fun plaited tassel flatties, once £22 are now just £9.60 here , when the double discount is applied. Anyone want to do a bit of lunch-hour shoe surfing? ;-)

See the full sale here