abingdon-pump.jpgEven the name of these shoe sounds classy: you'd feel a little bit aristocratic with a shoe called 'The Abingdon pump' on your feet, wouldn't you? It's perhaps a bit excessively grand a name for a flat shoe, but we're an equal opportunities blog here at Shoewawa, and wouldn't wish to judge a shoe for its lack of heel. Let it have its posh name!

*ahem*. Anyway, for those who appreciate the finer things in life, these will be the perfect flats to see you through a hard winter of afternoon teas, school fetes, hair appointments and other such daily chores, and I can see them jazzing up (yes, that is the only way to put it) an everyday winter outfit very nicely. Good choice of colours, and a nice flash of zebra!

£99 at Jaeger