charity-shop-marylebone.jpgHere's a quick heads-up to anyone in London (or who's willing to travel there) who appreciates a designer footwear bargain when they see it (hello!?) and doesn't mind doing their bit for a fantastic cause with each purchase.

The Cancer Research UK charity shop in Marylebone is an absolute treasure-trove of pre-loved designer shoes, with pieces from Sergio Rossi, LK Bennett and Stella McCartney in stock on our most recent visit. We've heard rumours of Louboutin heels going on sale here for £80, and nothing we saw when we dropped in yesterday exceeded £60. We took a few shots of the amazing foot candy on offer.

Have you been? Did you know about this place? If not, why aren't you hailing a taxi and heading over there right now before these amazing bargains walk?

24 Marylebone High St
London W1U 4PQ