New Year's Eve is upon us, and with it comes the possibility of a whole new footwear wardrobe for 2011. But what will it bring for you? Perhaps this is the year you'll finally take the plunge and invest in a pair of Louboutins. Or maybe learn to walk in heels after years of avoidance? Or maybe it's the shoe shopping itself you'll be doing your best to avoid (best stop reading now in that case, although we will continue to bring you the best footwear bargains we can find every Tuesday if it helps you stick to your budget!)

Whatever plans you have for your feet in 2011, we hope they get a good outing tonight and the chance to dance out the old and welcome in the new. We'll also be revealing the winner of our '12 Shoes of Christmas' once the New Year gets under way, so at least a dozen of you will start 2011 with a real treat for the feet.

Happy New Year from Shoewawa, and see you on the other side!