discount-d&g.jpgThe 'January' sales really have come early this year, and this week's all about the amazing footwear bargains. Sure, you won't get to wear these in time for Christmas now or even NYE, but believe it or not life carries on in January, and unless something goes spectacularly wrong in the interim period, the majority of us will still have feet by the time 2011 gets under way!

So if you're wishing for a pair of designer shoes but don't trust Santa to do the honours, Brandalley is the place to go today. They've got a great high-end sale on with many styles reduced at 70%, including Dior, Alexander McQueen and these cute multi-strap heels from Dolce & Gabbana. They're down from £345 to just £100 (and I'm sure I've paid more than that for seriously dull high street fare). Get in quick!

The rest of the sale can be found here.