alexa-chung-shoes.jpg[Image: GETTY]

We've been watching the audience members at Haute Couture Fashion Week almost as closely as we've been watching the shows, and as ever, Alexa Chung did not let us down with her choice of outfit and accessories. She also chose to debut her brand new hair - a darker and longer do - at Chanel's couture runway earlier in the week, and it seems to be getting good reactions from onlookers so far.

But by far the most important element of the look for us was Alexa's fabulous pair of Prada platform heels, which we have been lusting over for some time! Pictured on the left is that same pair, photographed at the British Fashion Awards in December. Not only are we still every bit as in love with the shoes as we were back then, it also makes a pleasant change to see a star re-wearing a style - not just wearing it once and casting it aside!

Love them? They're £489 at Saks Fifth Avenue