marc-jacobs-clogs.jpgWe're finding ourselves in quite an unusual situation today: one of actually preferring the more affordable high street version of a style; in this case the fringed clog look that seems to be gearing up to be a hit this summer. Has this even happened before? I'm not sure it has. But I'm definitely not feeling the love for Marc Jacobs' fringed clogs, which seem to have had a bit of a close-encounter with the ugly stick. Aww!

French Connection's style, on the other hand, I can imagine rocking on a warm summer day. It's got a better balance of tones, styling and weighting, and you can't go wrong with a tassel lace, or two.

So which style do you prefer of the two? The choice, dear reader, is yours!

Marc by Marc Jacobs' fringed clogs, £349 at Farfetch
French Connection Saviolla Sfbm5, £95 at Kurt Geiger