mouse-slippers.jpgBuilding on the success of his much-loved Mouse flat shoes, Marc Jacobs has now launched a house shoe based on the style, which we're now including in our list of slippers we'd actually be seen dead in (a small set). Made from the softest sheepskin fleece, flanked by regal deep red velvet, the adorable style brings lounge chic to a whole new level.

Designer slippers are in much the same category as designer flip-flops: an idea that sounds preposterously extravagant at first, but fits all too easily into our lives once we've tried it once and can't go back to the old ways of flimsy shoes that fall apart. As a home-worker, I can certainly see how these little critters would soon make themselves extremely comfy in my life - which is why I'll be giving them a wide berth!

£195 at Net-a-Porter