Skechers_Shape_Ups.jpgIn part two of our fitness shoe challenge, I asked OSOYOU's Beth Wond what she made of Skechers' Shape Ups. I was a little nervous about canvassing Beth's opinion: not only because I know her to be a lover of power heels, but also because she has two very style-conscious children to keep happy! So I decided to get straight to the point and ask Beth in which situations she'd be happy to wear these shoes...

To and from work? Absolutely , these are perfect for to and from the office especially in Winter when I want to get in and out fast.
In the office? Ooh no, I kick of flats and put power heels on when in the office, I'm 5'3 - what can I say?
Shopping in Sainsburys? Weekly shop would be a bit of a no no, I always bump into other Mums in Sainsbury's and would be a bit conscience of the "look at me I need to tone up" look of the shoe.
When visiting family? Eh no, sorry but then I wouldn't wear old gym gear to family or friends either.
On a night out? He he the very thought of it! No, a lot more glamour and height would be needed I'm afraid.

But what about the shoes' performance? Read on over the jump to find out how Beth got on...

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How comfortable or otherwise were these shoes for walking?

Great, I loved walking briskly in them and actually to and from work I found myself getting of the tube a stop early to make the most of the journey.

Did you feel like you'd had a 'workout' following a brisk 10 minute walk? More so than in 'normal' shoes or about the same?

Yes absolutely, the soft kinetic wedge really makes the movement of walking feel like a workout. The first time I wore them my muscles felt like they'd been put through their paces with tightness around my calf back of the leg and bum. Very encouraging!

In terms of appearance, is this style more or less attractive than others on the market?

I would say this is a very acceptable design for a fitness shoe and one of the best. If I was to choose on the best looking it would be close call between Sketchers and Reebok

What about performance? (ignore if you haven't ever tried another fitness shoe!)

I haven't tried others but I would be happy to stick with Sketchers. The idea of getting in shape without setting foot in a gym is very appealing and to and from work, they fit the bill perfectly so no need to switch brands.

Did you get any interesting comments on the shoes? ;)

My children wouldn't leave the house with me wearing them but they are, as are most teens, very fickle and trainer savvy, they have their own guidelines on what brands are currently acceptable.

Skechers 'Fitness Junkie' trainers are available at £90 from ASOS. Other styles are available through Amazon and elsewhere from £55.