You probably won't have heard of Dan Eldon, which is one reason why it's so great that TOMS have designed a range of footwear that commemorates his life. Eldon was a brilliant photojournalist for the Reuters news agency (in fact, he was their youngest ever) and was stoned to death in Somalia in 1993 aged just 22 years old. Dan's work was crucial in documenting the plight of children and other innocent bystanders in Somalia's Civil War, and at the time served as a call to action for international aid.

The collection, inspired by Dan's work, incorporates bold photographic prints, safari animal drawings, and earthy African colourways. It appears on the classic TOMS espadrilles, and also on the newer high wedge styles. Wearing these shoes helps you do good in so many ways, as with each pair sold you will also be helping children and families around the world by donating a free pair of shoes to a needy child.

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