london-fashion-week-logo.jpgIn an age of comfy wedges, sheepskin boots and (of course) Crocs, one might conclude that walking in heels is a dying art. But Jess Markwood, intrepid Editor of our sister site OSOYou, has proven that style is as important as ever, as she managed to keep her heels on for the entirety of London Fashion Week - and she's got stats to prove it!

Equipped with a pedometer, Jess clocked up a "staggering" (she wasn't, I can assure you) 19.74 miles in some of the most impressive heels we've seen outside the confines of the runway.

This saw her through an onslaught of parties, catwalk shows and trips to and from the office, often hindered by the hazard created by the cobblestones at Somerset House. Ow. I just hope she has some very hungry Garra Ruffa fish close at hand for an emergency treatment...

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