converse-batman.jpgMr. Shoewawa is a bit of a comics geek to put it mildly, and has admitted to me (in advance of his birthday) that he wouldn't mind sporting a pair of these 'Batman' themese hi-tops from Converse. Framed by the label's unmistakably hip styling, they have geek chic written all over them, and are a great way to wear those wonderfully eerie Gotham City colours.

Being made by Converse's unisex world of greatness, however, they are made in lady-friendly sizes too, and I certainly think these would look cool worn with plenty of black denim. This style only features the Joker, but if you're determined to get Bats on your feet as well, you might be interested in this style, which features both Batman and his arch nemesis together.

£49.99 at Cloggs