marc-jacobs-ss11-shoes.jpg[Images: STYLE.COM]

It was hard to tear our eyes away from the garments in Marc Jacobs' recent runway show:  the incredibly arresting structured suits, fun fleecy accessories and kaleidoscopic array of dots all but overshadowed the footwear, but once we managed to cast our eyes downwards it soon became clear that the shoes were gorgeous creations in their own right.

Ranging from sports-luxe to fetish-lite, the shoes and boots all displayed MJ's typical panache and fun-loving approach to style. Thanks to a collaboration with latex fashion emporium House of Harlot, almost all of the shoes had a slick, shiny rubber finish making them appear almost lickable, and they cast beautiful patterns on the icy polished floor.  

Marc Jacobs' collections tend to dictate to the high street, so we might as well get used to the idea of a bit more discipline in our dressing come autumn! And while we can't necessarily afford the footwear shown here, we'll at least be stocking up on a few pairs of those awesome polka-dot tights!

See the full collection here