simple-shoes.jpgOne of the best footwear acquisitions I've made so far this year was a pair of these hi-top sneakers from Simple Shoes: I've been wearing them on every possible occasion I can get away with going casual, and they've fast become my go-to trainers.

Why am I getting so excited about a pair of fairly ordinary-looking basketball shoes you may well ask? Well first off these are no ordinary shoes: unlike Converse and the like they are not made from canvas, which makes them waterproof and strong. But what they are made from is also a point of interest: the materials come from recycled tyres, with thick, soft organic cotton laces.

This makes them not only practical, durable and protective in the rain, it makes them quite wonderfully green, too. It's a brilliant use of recycled products, and we're tickled by the way the markings on the bottoms of the soles have been made to look like tyre treads. People always seem to notice there's something different about these shoes, and I get loads of compliments while wearing them!

£65 from Simple Shoes