christian-louboutin-copies.jpgDreaming of Christian Louboutin heels but struggling to pay the bills? You might not quite be able to afford a pair of the designer's iconic frilled heels (just yet - let's not get too down on ourselves here), but in the meantime we've spotted this pair from Chockers that is quite obviously inspired by the originals.

Taking on Louboutin on a budget is frankly a brave task, but we think Chockers have given it a good try. The colouring is certainly not the same, but we think the darker, buttery tan tone chosen to make this style is more in keeping with what we'll be wearing in the summer, and should match up very nicely with your most elegant neutral outfits. They haven't painted the soles red, but I have it on good authority that there are kits that allow you to make this minor alteration to your shoes!

£30 at Chockers