kate-middleton-bridal-shoes.jpgKate Middleton has been receiving a steady stream of designs for bespoke, luxury footwear to wear on her big day. Just imagine it! So far we've seen submissions from the likes of Georgina Goodman, Walter Steiger and Aruna Seth, and we're sure she's got many more sketches on the slushpile. But here are just a couple more that have been suggested to the Princess-in-waiting these last few months. The creations above are designed by Stuart Weitzman.(left) and Ivanka Trump.

Weitzman's design - a strappy platform sandal with sapphires and forget-me-nots - has been styled with certain other crucial elements of the outfit in mind: "This style brings an airiness of spring with its delicate feminine sapphires and keeps with the tradition of Princess Diana's engagement ring." Talk about attention to detail!

Trump's design - a t-bar with diamonds and rosettes - really nails the sophisticated princess bride look, but we think she got a bit carried away with the jutting heel. Can you imagine even making it down the aisle in a shoe that impractical?

Speculation continues as to what Kate will actually wear on the day, but we're still going with Aruna Seth. Which do you think she'll pick?

[News via MyDaily]

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