bargainista-shoes.jpgTuesday is the day when we turn our attention to the more affordable end of the market, but today we're doing things a little differently. Instead of us telling you what represents great value on the high street, we want to know what were the best value shoes you've ever bought.

Have you ever picked up a fun high street style that lasted years on end, or a piece of charity shop footwear gold? If so, we want to hear about it, To get the ball rolling, Ms. Shoewawa's best value footwear purchase of all time was a cute pair of Limited collection peep-toe heels at M&S, pictured above: they were a winning combination of affordable, stylish and scarce enough that nobody will ever guess where they came from - and no, this post was categorically not brought to you by Marks & Spencer!

Your turn: best value shoes ever?