christian-louboutin-fall2011.jpgChristian Louboutin's autumn/winter collection for 2011 is in, and I love the prism-like effect on these Sobek 140mm heels in dazzling patent green. The colour, and the giant-scale crackle effect on the uppers makes me think of a dragon, although it seems more likely that the true inspiration for the giant scales is the crocodile, since Sobek is the God of the Nile.

The slightly wonky shaping on the 'scales' adds a huge amount of character and charm to these heels, and it's just this sort of crazy attention to detail that Louboutin does best. The colour scheme also has a certain pulp 'horror' feel about it, which we can imagine being a monster hit come Halloween!

This is a storming start to Louboutin's forthcoming range, and we absolutely can't wait to see more.

$1,495 (approx £933) at Christian Louboutin