dune-new-shoes.jpgThese fun new heels at Dune are really ringing our bells today! Not just for the obvious reasons relating to the wild patterns and colours, but because of the heel style, which we think is a bit of a new direction for Dune. They're a bit chunkier, not quite as dressy as we've come to expect and have a bit more of a 'young' silhouette that will work better with casuals. Liking it!

The swirls on the left-hand shoe make for a riotously eye-catching style that is deceptively easy to wear due to its quota of red, yellow and pale blue elements - simply match it up with either shade and away you go! The red and blue style on the right, meanwhile, would be a great wardrobe addition for anyone working the colour block look.

All editions of the 'Wah' shoe are £85 and available here.