Festival season is now in full swing, and so far we've had some jolly decent British weather for many of the events. Wireless this weekend saw thousands of revellers flock to London's Hyde Park for fun and music in the sun, and the footwear was mostly minimal and summery.

Here's our run-down of festival footwear essentials for 2011, and some examples of where to get good deals in each case!

1. All-purpose pumps


For many of us, summer festivals are the closest we'll get to nature in the whole year. so be prepared for coming up against some of its prickly, stingy or dirty excesses. Wellies are a must-have in wet weather, but most of the time you'll just want something that lets you get from A to B in comfort, and keeps you looking stylish, too.

TOMS shoes are my favourite festival all-rounder as they are lightweight, unobtrusive, work with all outdoor clothing and are made to be as comfortable and kind on the feet as trainers.

2. Hopeful heatwave-wear


It may feel like tempting fate when you pack them in your rucksack, but a pair of flip-flops or minimal sandals weighs next-to-nothing, and you'll be tremendously grateful for them when the mercury rises, and the on-site shops start selling them for silly money.

Flip flops are tremendously freeing for the feet on a hot day, and a good pair should feel light and comfortable; the next best thing to bare feet (and trust me, however much your inner hippie want to come to the party, you do NOT want to go au naturel at a festival!). We all have our favourite, and Havaianas are much loved, but I personally can't get enough of my iPanema flip-flops, which are made from plastic not rubber, making them seriously soft and squishy. The Fiesta style, pictured above, is very festival-friendly, and is available here for just £15.

3. Stylish sandals


Once you've made it from campsite to field and are planning on settling in for a relaxed day of drinking, dining and dancing, it's time to pull on something a little more stylish than your trusty pumps. A pair of minimal sandals (without too much of a heal for navigating grass and muddy areas) is a must-have, so pick out something that will look good with your favourite beach cover or maxi-dress.

There are lots of stylish sandal styles out there at the moment, and many are already in summer sales. We're quite fond of this 'Sienna' style at Office, which is down to £30 here. It's also available in black and pale tan.

4. Life-saving wellies


Going to a festival without wellies would be madness, so don't even think about doing it, even if the forecast is for blazing sun all weekend. There are so many cute styles to choose from now that it's no hardship picking out a fun pair to wear for your festival experience, and you really don't need to spend a lot.

A pair of Hunters will last you for years if you do want to splash out, but otherwise it's easy to find fun and colourful boots that will keep you just as dry, like these £12 'hearts' boots at Matalan.. For more ideas on eye-catching wellies, check out our favourite wellies available to buy now.