swarovski-havaianas.jpgGoing back to nature and hitting the beach no longer means leaving style at home: you can now add a sparkle to your beach look with a pair of these rather special Havaianas flip-flops, which are decorated with glittering Swarovski elements. There are a few styles in this collection, so there should be something to appeal depending on your desired level of bling, ranging from a completely shimmering strap

Each crystal is carefully applied and embedded, ensuring you can have maximum fun in and out of the water without damaging your pretty shoes - and for this reason they're a little bit more expensive than your average pair of thongs (or quite a lot more in the case of the fully-coated 'Luminous' style!). But the shine is seriously hot - we've spotted a few of these shoes on our travels this week - and worth the extra pennies. So if you're the sort of shoe-addict who just can't bear to leave your party shoes behind while packing for your hols, this could be the shoe you've been looking for!

Luminous (left): £180 at Havaianas
Slim Crystal Mesh: £35 at Havaianas