topshop-miu-miu-style-shoes.jpgMiu Miu have made some of the most tear-inducingly beautiful footwear this season, and for those not yet in the designer gold-card-club, those tears have until now been pretty bitter! But like a knight in shining armour, Topshop has come up trumps with this clever little high street homage that ticks all the right boxes without being an out-and-out rip-off (note the additional bow and lack of a peep toe there!) .

The lovely low-heeled gem shoes from Miu Miu's current collection are a favourite style of ours and while £450 is a save-uppable amount for those determined to wear the real deal, Topshop's £50 sounds eminently more attractive. The shoes have the all-important gemstones in the heel, allowing you to get this fabulous look for significantly less.

£50 at Topshop