Ms. Shoewawa Writes: On a recent festival excursion, I needed something that would keep my feet dry in style without completely swamping my diminutive five-foot-nothing frame. I had considered Hunters, but being on a bit of a budget decided to give these H! Henry Holland wellies a try instead: they are short and compact (though long enough not to let in any of that horrible mud), lightweight and stylish, and felt comfortable enough on a first try that they were quickly in my shopping bag.

The result: I was not disappointed! The boots were the perfect size, and were also shaped nicely for a flattering fit around the ankle. Their soles felt soft and spongy on the inside - a real bonus when wading through a muddy field - and kept my feet dry at all times. Best of all, they have that lovely eye-catching brown trim, which looks great against the super rainproof waxy material.

A big horsey 'hurrah' for these stylish and comfy boots!

£28 at Debenhams

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