puma-trainers.jpgPuma's streamlined running shoes are some of the best around for those of an athletic persuasion, but their sleek shaping makes them a great choice for those who like to look chic in casuals, too. You'd certainly go about your daily chores a lot quicker in a nippy pair like these! The colour scheme is nice and fashion-forward too: they'd make a neat partner to some grey jeans or your running kit.

So if you're on a health-kick, are just trying to get started at the gym or exercise class or just do a lot of walking, Puma's 'Mostro Shine' style pictured here is a good bet. And even better, Brandalley have just got in a shipment of this style, which they're selling off at less than half their usual price! 

£29 (was £60) at Brandalley