christian-louboutin-sandals.jpgA lot of shoe lovers get upset when Monsiuer Louboutin strays outside his skyscraper high heel comfort zone; I have mixed emotions on the matter. Yes, his most impressive styles do generally follow the same design principles of leg-lengthening skinny heels and a flash of red, but who are we to say his best designs aren't yet to come? Experimentation is important for designers, who should never fall into the trap of resting on their laurels, however epic their success.

All of that said, I'm not exactly warming to these wedge sandals from his S/S 11 range. It's not so much the platform itself as the rope (I've never been a fan of rope on a shoe) but I'm interested to hear readers' views on this one. So what's your verdict?

£395 at Net-a-Porter