metallic-walking-sandals.jpgWe were really surprised to see today's 'guess the celeb' out and about in these oddly futuristic walking sandals, accustomed as we are to seeing her supplementing her height in skyscraper heels. However, this should be easy to guess if you've been following the star's wardrobe decisions lately, which have included a fairly hefty dose of leopard-print love.

Can you guess who she is? Read on over the jump to find out!

kylie-in-italy.jpgIt's Kylie Minogue, who sported the out-of-this-world flatties on her recent trip to Portofino, Italy.

Whatever you think of her unusual choice of footwear here, we have to admit it's the perfect style for sight-seeing: airy, comfy and cute to boot! And if you can't give your feet a rest on your hols, when can you?

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