We couldn't stop staring at the footwear on display at Anna Sui's spring/summer 12 catwalk presentation. Bold and bright, it wasn't just the shoes that stood out: legwear really made this look, with patterned tights and socks accompanying every style. Waves of colour just kept on coming, starting with disco purples and fuchsia pinks, through cherry reds and finally metallic neutrals. 

Echoing the highly decorative nature of the garments, the shoes and socks were bursting with detail. Sui has a rare talent for matching shapes and colours that 'clash', and it's truly inspiring to see it in action! 


The looks were unashamedly retro, and it's odd to see bowling shoes and pinup cherries on the runway again just a few years after they stopped looking 'hip'. But in the context of the collection they went down well.