back-to-the-future-shoes.jpgFans of the 1980s cinema smash Back to the Future will remember the fantastically futuristic self-lacing Nike shoes as worn by protagonist Marty McFly. We're only a few years off Marty's dim-and-distant 2015 now, and the movie's producer Rick Marshall has just announced that a replica pair of the trainers is about to be released three years ahead of their time.

150 pairs of the trainers ( which do not actually self-lace, aren't we supposed to be living the future, damn it?) are being auctioned on eBay with proceeds going to a charity that helped people with Parkinson's: the disease that afflicted BTTF's lead actor Michael J Fox. The shoes do have some special properties however: they light up, with LEDs around the soles and the backs. Now where can I get a hoverboard,,,

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