cheryl-cole-shoe-collection.jpgYou may be aware of online personal styling services Shoedazzle and Stylist Pick. If not, both offer a subscription service where users get profiled and styled, then sent a range of fashion items, picked by teams of experts to suit their individual look. All for a monthly subscription of course, which is currently £39.95 on both sites. 

Now, both websites have teamed up with shoe-loving stars to create celebrity endorsed items from A-List names. Stylist Pick have appointed Cheryl Cole, who will be curating an entire collection of her own available to subscribers, while Shoedazzle are promoting a shoe designed by and named after Mel B: you can see it here.

We haven't yet seen any pieces from Cheryl's collection, but can be pretty sure that the shoes will reflect Cheryl's love for the glamorous, the daring and - most importantly for shoppers - the down-to-earth price point.

[News via MyFahionLife]