most-expensive-shoes-in-the-world.jpgThe most expensive shoes in the world: these House of Borgezie diamond shoes, said to be worth £140k.

MSN have recently conducted a survey of their female user-base, quizzing them on their relationship with shoes. The results come as no surprise to us here at Shoewawa: we are a nation of shoe-aholics.

The survey, which polled 1545 British women also revealed that we love our heels: Sixty per cent of respondents said they would still wear high heels even if it meant dwarfing their male spouse, and 40 per cent said they wear shoes that are six inches or higher. Only four per cent of women said they prefer flats.

On the subject of shopping, an astonishing 93 per cent of the women taking part said they would spend up to £300 on a pair of shoes. We are no stranger to shoes fetching that price or significantly more here at Shoewawa, but it comes as quite a surprise to discover how many of us are indulging in the odd designer footwear shopping spree!

So let's conduct our own research and see how Shoewawa readers compare. How much would you be willing to spend on the perfect pair of shoes?