average-ladies-shoe-size-uk.jpgAre our feet getting bigger?

Try finding a vintage shoe to fit you, and the chances are you'll need to go one up from your usual size and then may still find the fitting unusually narrow. We certainly had smaller feet in the past. As a size 4, I increasingly find myself being told I have abnormally small feet, while my size 3 friends worry that their shoes will soon be going the way of the size 2 (i.e. banished from the majority of high street stores).

Meanwhile, I seem to meet a lot of ladies whose feet are a size 9 or above, and the popularity of 'oversized' shoe sites and other retailers is growing. High street retailers including Debenhams have reported that demand for bigger shoe sizes in on the up. and are buying in more stock to cope with the need.

So what's the picture among Shoewawa readers? Tell us your size below!

NB we haven't included half sizes because more stores don't stock them. Please round up to whatever size you usually squeeze into!