tabitha-simmons.jpgWe're enjoying working the loafer trend, which is bigger than ever this season with plenty of tall or flat styles to choose from depending on your preferences. There are heaps of high end styles out there, with the likes of Diane Von Furstenberg and Tabitha Simmons leading the way.

Looking to the high street. Clarks is one brand that certainly knows sensible shoes, so it's no surprise that they have got the look absolutely spot on. Their chunky-heeled brogue from the Boutique collection is a dead-ringer for Simmons' shoe, and it's almost a tenth of the price. 

Knowing Clarks' Boutique as I do, the shoes are made from amazing quality leather and are a joy to wear, so these brogues are certainly going on my shopping list for my nascent autumn/winter wardrobe! The wine colour will be ideal for pre-Christmas dressing, too.

£79.99 at Clarks