jessie-j-broken-leg.jpgJessie J has recently had to come to terms with the fact that she may never be able to wear high heels again (the horror!) but if these shots taken at Fashion Week are anything to go by, she won't be letting her footwear handicap get in the way of style.

The star, who recently said "If I can never wear heels again then I'll just have to get some bad boy trainers" went one better at LFW and matched her crazy Betty Boop leggings with a pair of single Aurelia shoe from PPQ at Office. The colour matches her hair just perfectly,  and the creeper look is (fortunately for Jessie) very much in this season. 

Jessie J gained her rock 'n' roll injury during rehearsals in June, when she toppled off a stage. She has been left with a her leg in cast since then, and has recently undergone a bone transplant. We think we can forgive her the lack of heels...

£75 at Office

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