annabel-winship-freaky.jpgIf you enjoy eccentric style, gorgeous materials and standing out just a little from the crowd you are sure to love Annabel Winship; a young label based in France that we've only recently discovered via Sarenza Boutique; a French shoe shopping site that's recently gained a presence in the UK.

Self-taught Winship formed the brand out of frustration at not being able to find the shoes she wanted in the shops, which led her to start making her own dream shoes. The results are certainly impressive: inspired by the world of dance and covered in ribbons, bows, Liberty prints and lace, they have definitely filled a footwear void in our hearts! 


Two of the styles that stand out strongest from Annabel's autumn/winter collection are the bow heels and starry brogues pictured above. They really need to be seen in real life to appreciate the workmanship that goes into them, and in particular, the beautiful sparkly surfaces.

Blue-and-red high heel above: £208 at Sarenza
Black-and-blue starry brogue: £208 at Sarenza