butterfly-twists.jpgLondon Fashion Week has been a lesson to us all in recognising that our poor old feet have limits. This year, we waited in some of the longest queues we've ever seen at LFW, and for the first time I saw self-respecting fashionistas slip sports socks under their stilettos and even go barefoot on the cobbles after a long day of walking in heels. Drastic steps at an event that's all about looking great!

We've heard about special technology that makes high heels more comfortable to wear, and have even had reports of shoe-fanatics getting botox injected into their feet to numb the pain. But a far less invasive solution is a simple pair of folding flat shoes. With these in your handbag, you never have to worry about whether you'll quite make it to the end of the night or to the bus stop in time.

We've been trying out Butterfly Twists' folding ballerinas, which come in a variety of textures and colours. The idea is simple: just pop them in your handbag and away you go. And if you do need to put on these emergency shoes, you know they won't ruin your outfit: I love the leopard print version pictured above, also available in blue and pink multi. 

At £25 a pair these shoes are a bit cheaper than our other favourite folding flatties by Redfoot, which are made from genuine leather so look and feel great but tend to be pricier. Check out the full range here.