pull-on-boots.pngNew Look have made the rather odd (but very welcome!) decision to slash the prices of many of its boots this week, with some very autumn/winter friendly styles now on sale for as little as £10 or in some cases £5. We're almost wondering if it's a mistake, but in the meantime we're getting our credit cards at the ready...

The black pleated high-leg boots, for example, are now £10 reduced from £39, while a pair of achingly trendy platform ankle boots are also £10 reduced from a lofty £64.99. What's going on? Both styles are likely to be super-useful this season, and will look great as part of a casual or going-out ensemble.

Before they spot their mistake (if it is one) we suggest you hot foot it over to the site where you'll find these bargains and many more like them.

New Look Boots