cheryl-cole-designs-shoes-for-stylistpick.pngCheryl Cole fans eagerly awaiting the star's debut footwear collection for Stylistpick can rest assured that she's getting everything in order in good time for December, when the exclusive collection will hit the site.

Cheryl has been in the studio putting the finishing touches on the range, which looks set to be a huge hit with women who share Cheryl's style. Wearing the same tartan McQ dress we spotted on Emma Watson at the GQ Man of the Year awards, she was seen poring over colour charts, sharing pages from her sketch book and picking out fabrics.


Even more exciting, this video gives a sneaky preview of several designs due to go on sale in December, and we're already impressed by the strength of the designs. Alongside the sky high heels and platforms you'd expect from Cheryl (and fear not - there are plenty of those to choose from!) there are some surprises: chunky brogues and robust ankle boots all point towards a well-rounded collection. "I like Glamour" Cheryl said "so I have to be careful because I'm aware that not everybody wants to wear a high heel all the time".

What will make the final cut, however, remains to be seen!

For more up-to-date info on the Cheryl Cole collection, check out Stylistpick's Cheryl Cole pages.