nude-tights.pngModels of various skin colours in traditional 'nude' hosiery

The word 'nude' is massively over-used in fashion and has become a lazy shorthand: it's easy to see just by walking down the street that people's skin tones vary so wildly. We all know what is meant by 'nude tights', but the one-size-fits-all approach may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a new type of hosiery technology being championed by Debenhams.

The image above shows a line-up of legs of skin tones varying from pale to dark. All models in the picture are wearing the same style of traditional-nude tights, which tend to be a beigey-peach tone. It's hard to tell from this image what type of skin tones the models naturally have! All are homogenised to the standards 'American tan', which can look totally different from the wearer's actual, exposed skin.

Debenhams' solution is a new style of nude hosiery that comes in light, medium and fair. The chain's hosiery buyer, Joanna Townsend said: "Producing product in nude colours should never take a one-size-fits-all approach, and we are confident that these tights will appeal to women of all ethnicities and ages. Until now, olive, Indian, mixed race and black women were forgotten when it came to skin tone tights. Our range is designed to be invisible when worn, no matter what your skin colour."

Read on over the jump to see how the models looked in hosiery from the new range!


Models in the new skin-tone-matching hosiery

It's easy to see from the picture that the models' real skin tones are much more closely matched by the new hosiery, allowing their natural colouring to show, instead of masking it.

Townsend continues: "We had a fantastic reaction to a range of nude bras in varying skin tones earlier this year, so to offer these customers hosiery too was a no brainer.  Our range is designed to be invisible when worn, no matter what your skin colour."

The range is on sale at Debenhams now with prices starting at £3.50