miu-miu-glitter-boots-topshop-thumb-435x311-121504.pngMiu Miu glitter boot mania is in full whoop, and for those who can't afford the £550+ price tag, high street brands are falling over each other to create a copy that won't get them into any legal hot water. Here in the UK, Topshop have been first to bring out a suitable 'homage', but Steve Madden has already brought out a similar style over in the US. We prefer Topshop's version, which makes the most of the contrasting materials and is much easier to find over here!

Although it's easy to be distracted by all that glitter and glitz, the true cornerstone of the Miu Miu style however is the bent-back heel: a daring design feature that none of the high street brands are likely to be able to replicate. For the full wonky-heeled wonder of this shoe, you'll simply have to dig deep and go designer. 

Astrid suede glitter boots: £80 at Topshop
Miu Miu glitter and suede peep-toe ankle boots £555 at Net-a-Porter