nicole-scherzinger.pngWe'd all like to steal a little bit of Nicole Scherzinger's style, and her choice of footwear is a great example of what keeps her wardrobe fresh. These awe-inspiring spiked heels are by Ruthie Davis, and she was spotted performing on stage in them last week. We love the metallic look she's got going on here, and think the shoes are the perfect match for her oil-slick mini dress. Nicole is no stranger to spikes, having worn some of Louboutin's finest studded creations in her time.

The 'Spikette' style is available in a number of different shades, including a delightfully kitsch gold version available here, with glitter encrusted uppers and hot pink soles. It's an incredibly edgy style that has its roots in the fetish style that is going great guns this season.   

Let's keep our eyes peeled for some nice affordable (and UK-based) high street homages!

£1,078 approx at Bloomingdales

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