converse-shearling-boots.jpgWelcome to Trainer Tuesday: our new weekly feature dedicated to the shoes we love to run in, pose in and slob out in - all in utmost stylishness, of course!

I've known people so attached to their Converse that they won't take them off at any time of year, so for those who plan to brave the winter in canvas shoes, here's a great frostbite avoiding strategy: classic hi-top Converse made with a fluffy shearling lining! It's the perfect mix of comfort and style for casual winter dressing.

The new edition takes in the current trends for fur-lined boots with the sides turned down as shown in the picture, but you can also pull them up and wear them in the traditional Converse manner. The boots shown here are a shade of dark brown, making them a good match for your autumn wardrobe, and are also available in black.

£66 at Schuh