Looking for the perfect shoes to complete your witchy Halloween look? Your nude party pumps just aren't going to cut it with a pointy hat and broom-stick, so here's where you can pick up something a little more sinister.

The best brand for Gothic, vampy shoes with a hint of playfulness is undoubtedly Demonia, and those familiar with the dark caverns of Camden or other alternative markets will already be familiar with the brand. Our favourite witch style from their range is a shoe called 'Bat'; a four-and-a-half inch cone heeled Mary Jane shoe that Mortitia would be proud to wear. You can pick these up from as little as £30, and they're available either in your local alt market or from online sellers such as Stargate One.


If you're not Goth enough to want to spend £30+ on a pair of coffin-heeled shoes, there is always the option of customising a pair of your existing shoes. The witch shoe covers pictured above right are a great way to give a pair of ordinary boots or shoes a spooky make-over, and they'll set you back just £7,65. You might even want to knock up a pair of your own: the trick is to get the big buckle and the pointy ends - a look that's already pretty hot on the high street!

Happy Halloween!