Where does an X-Factor contestant get her shoes? What with the show-stopping display of glitter and skyscraper heels this week, you might be forgiven for thinking that the stars of the show had been given a designer makeover before going on stage. But it turns out that the majority picked up their footwear on the high street.

2 Shoes, above left, kept it real with their black glitter court shoes from Dorothy Perkins. We tracked them down to Dotty P's site, where  they are available to buy for £32, here. Also available in a pewtery silver, these are a great way to get all the party glamour you need on your feet this season, even if you're on a tight budget.


Sophie, meanwhile, dazzled the crowd with a statuesque pair of glitter wedges from Carvela. They silver version she wore on the night appears to have sold out everywhere, but there is still a gold version available at House of Fraser for £150. These shoes have an incredible sparkle that is not done justice by the picture, and would be a tremendous asset to your partywear arsenal.