christian-louboutin-mexibeads.pngWe've been given a bit more of a glimpse into Christian Louboutin's future this week, with the pre-release of these just amazing 'Mexibeads 100mm' heels as part of the new collection for spring/summer 2012. This style has been so popular already that a wait list is in operation, but we're happy just to bask in their sunny aura and hope for some very nice homages on the high street early next year.

Mexibeads will retail at £1,732 at Louboutin World; a relatively high price point even for the brand that undoubtedly reflects the intricate beading that gives the shoe its Mexican carnival character. The beads positively shimmer, and are embedded on a luxe satin canvas. Can't wait to see these appearing on tanned celebrity legs, worn with outrageous red carpet summer looks in 2012!